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What is FootZonology, and how it works.

What is FootZonology, and how it works.
The signal system in our feet is a direct link between our DNA code in every cell and our feet, connecting through our bodies light vessels and light wheels: our Divine energy system

The DNA is connected to our inner blueprint, which is holding the memory of how to renew the cells in our body. If the connection between the blueprint and the DNA code is disconnected, the DNA code does no longer hold the memory on how to renew the cells.


Mission Statement

To help all students connect with their inner blueprint, and to bring each one into alignment with their own mission and talents that they were borne with and to not become a copy of someone else.  To help students to follow their own wisdom, the inner vision, the inner voice, and to have the courage to follow the heart.  To understand the creative life energy and the DNA code anchored in the signal system in the feet.